Private Schools in Moore Park and the Advantages they Offer

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Private Schools in Moore Park
Among Toronto's best educational institutions are the private schools in the Moore Park area of the city. Private schools offer a great deal more than meets the eye. Most parents know that private schools challenge students academically and prepare them well for university. They may also see that private schools often have amazing athletic programs and facilities. And it's well known that students at private schools often form bonds that last well into adulthood, providing them with a network of friends for life.
Three obvious components of superior private schools are:
  • Academics. Providing a well-rounded education in the core subjects, and up-to-date technological education, as well as arts, languages and challenging specialty subjects.
  • Athletics. Providing students the opportunity to play team and individual sports, year-round, with regularly scheduled matches and tournaments.
  • Extracurricular. Providing students with a number of different options for after-school activities designed to challenge, entertain, and give students a chance to bond.
Building Character
However, finer private schools strive to educate the whole student. As one principal put it, "Academic excellence is important to us. But every bit as important – and probably even more important – is honorable character.” A great school instills core values in its students.  
Some of the values that private schools in Moore Park espouse include:
  • Respect. Without respect, there is nothing. If students can learn respect for themselves and for others, they will have attained a measure of maturity. With respect comes an open mind, and empathy.
  • Responsibility. Accepting responsibility for one's actions is critical. Taking on responsibility within the school helps students prepare for leadership roles.
  • Excellence. Striving for excellence in the classroom, on the playing field, and within the school community is central to the mission of a good private school.
  • Service. Making a meaningful contribution to one's community is the hallmark of a good citizen. Superior private schools ensure that students serve the greater community as well as their own school community.
  • Healthy Lifestyle. Finding balance in life is important. Good schools help students learn how to plan and exercise discipline in order to balance academics, athletics, and social commitments.
  • Honesty. Having integrity in one's dealings with others, as well as being honest with oneself about one's own motivations and actions is crucial. Integrity is one of the hallmarks of a good school.
The Private School Advantage
Many parents choose to enroll their children in private school during junior high school, when study habits are being formed and the basis for many high school subjects is being taught. The junior high school years are a time of transition, when children are forming their own worldview and sense of self.
However, the high school years are also a great time for your child to discover the benefits of private school. If he or she is struggling with academics, enrolling in a school with a low student-teacher ratio and resources to help can make the difference between a mediocre record and an excellent one. If your child is excelling in public school, he or she may be eligible for a scholarship to a private school.
Explore Moore Park area private schools today. Give your child the private school edge! 
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